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MagnusCards is an ever-expanding life skills library, with digital guides to popular destinations and activities. Each digital guide combines a proven method of instruction (applied behavior analysis), visual cues and step-by-step instructions to map experiences throughout the day. Magnus provides prompts and positive reinforcement to support experiential learning. Best of all, it’s FREE for caregivers and individuals with cognitive disabilities, thanks to our partnership model.

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New digital guides added regularly from brands you know and trust.

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How MagnusCards has changed lives

Shelley is the mother of an 18-year-old son with Down Syndrome and learning delays. One of Shelley’s biggest concerns is teaching her children how to write checks, use debit and credit cards, and how to budget.

MagnusCards and CIBC partnered to create card decks that provide a step-by-step guide for depositing a check, counting money, buying something with money, saving money for something special, and offering information on prepaid cards.

MagnusCards are used to:

  • Practice and prepare for activities beforehand, to reduce anxiety
  • Follow along and re-enact with instructions in real-time, to complete activities with confidence
  • Structure and encourage independence in daily routines around the home  (great for caregivers)
  • Support individual and group learning during community outings (great for teachers)
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Meet Magnus

Life skills companion and guide.

Magnus (Mag'nŭs) adj : Great. Magnus was designed by and for the community to be a revolutionary guide, teacher, and assistant for those with cognitive disabilities.


— Our Community Says

"I follow steps in MagnusCards to get my groceries and use the check-out system, to go through the steps and stay on track."

Bridgette, MagnusCards user

"My son loves MagnusCards! When I saw the CIBC Card Decks, I immediately thought this is what he needs next."

Debbie, Parent of young adult with ASD

“My daughter has been able to go through her day with different places to go. It’s so incredibly user-friendly. I think for a lot of families, it’s going to be a huge benefit.”

Susan M., Mother of Child With Autism

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Public-facing organizations can be more welcoming for people with cognitive disabilities and their families by becoming a Community Access Partner.

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