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What Is MagnusCards?

MagnusCards is a free app that combines a proven method of instruction with elements of game design to help people learn life skills. With Magnus as your guide, you can collect and create digital Card Decks, which provide step-by-step instructions for various social interactions, situations, behaviours, and activities. For example: grocery shopping, doing laundry, and taking the bus.

How Does MagnusCards Work?

  • Choose a topic that you would like support in completing.
  • Download the Card Deck to your mobile device.
  • Swipe through and follow instructions to learn and master new tasks.

With practice, individuals can use MagnusCards to complete a variety of activities with independence. Caregivers can also customize and create their own Card Decks in the MagnusCards workshop!

Step 1. Choose a topic

Step 2. Download the Card Deck

Download the Card Deck to your mobile device.

Step 3. Swipe Through to Learn

Guelph Transit – How to Transfer Buses
Read Aload

Magnus needs to take more than one bus to get to where he’s going. He will need a transfer ticket. Follow along and learn how to transfer buses with him.

Swipe through and follow instructions to learn and master new tasks.

MagnusCards shown in 3 phones

Where Do People Use MagnusCards?

MagnusCards provides unlimited support in the palm of
your hand. It can be used to practice and support activities
at home (like brushing teeth), at school (like transitioning between tasks), and in the community (like ordering food at
a restaurant). The app is useful in preparing for new situations or reinforcing the steps involved in an everyday routine. Also, once Card Decks are downloaded, no Internet access is required to view them.

Who Uses MagnusCards?

Card Decks within MagnusCards can be used by anyone who benefits from structured, step-by-step guidance. The app is particularly useful for those with autism, ADHD, Aspergers, acquired brain injury, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, dementia and other cognitive special needs. Individuals, parents, teachers, and therapists benefit from the ability to create custom Card Decks based on the unique needs and learning styles of people they support.

MagnusCards participants


Magnusmode: Family Roots

Magnusmode is the company behind MagnusCards and was founded by Nadia Hamilton, whose brother Troy has autism. When Troy graduated from high school, there were few opportunities for continued personal and social development. This inspired Nadia to start a company that leverages technology to empower and support people with cognitive special needs.

Nadia and her brother Troy
Nadia and Troy
Watch the video to learn a little more about Magnusmode.