Tim Hortons launches 5 new MagnusCards Card Decks

Posted on April 26, 2016
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Magnusmode is excited to announce a partnership with Tim Hortons to launch 5 new Card Decks on the MagnusCard platform to engage people with cognitive special needs (like autism) to take trips to Tim Hortons restaurants with independence and confidence. “These new decks help remove the anxiety around going out to eat for people with cognitive special needs,” said Magnusmode CEO and Founder Nadia Hamilton. “This is a really exciting launch as Tim Hortons has more than 4000 restaurants all over North America and it is a brand people recognize. Being able to navigate any Tim Hortons with confidence means people can explore their communities and beyond with greater independence. These kinds of interactions can help build social skills and self-esteem.”


Card Decks are digital social stories that break down common activities into more manageable steps. Each of the Tim Hortons Card Decks include step-by-step details for completing Tim Hortons related tasks (including ordering food, buying take home products, and cleaning up after yourself). The cards include text descriptions with pictures, and audio.

With these new Card Decks, Tim Hortons empowers people to get out and explore their communities and beyond.

The new Card Decks include:

  • Buying Take Home Products
  • Ordering Food
  • Ordering Baked Goods
  • Ordering a Drink
  • Cleaning Up After Yourself


Making some basic restaurant tasks more accessible offers more opportunities for social growth, exploration, and learning for people with autism and other cognitive special needs. Check out the Tim Hortons Card Decks in the MagnusCards Food category.

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