Welcome to MagnusCards Support!


If you are having an issue with MagnusCards, try some of the steps below.


1. Unable to register
-If you’re unable to register, try registering on the app or on the website at  It doesn’t matter where you create an account. You can use the same account to login on the app or on our website.

2.  The app is not displaying or working correctly
-Check to make sure your operating system is up to date
-Quit and restart the app
-Turn the device completely off and then back on (don’t just put it to sleep)
-Uninstall/reinstall the app

3. Unable to find recently released Card Decks
-Restart the app by quitting and reopening the app
-Log in and out of your account

4. Partial or completely white screen
Make sure you have the most up to date version of MagnusCards. There is a version available that should resolve this issue.
1 Go to Settings
2 Go to General
3 Go to Apps
4 Go to Chrome
5 Select “Disable” and then select “yes”
6 Open MagnusCards and check to see if it loads
7 Whether it loads or doesn’t, go back to your settings and Enable Chrome
8 Whether or not MagnusCards loaded in step 6, once you’ve reenabled Chrome, open it again and just wait a few minutes.
If this doesn’t resolve your issue, check and see if you have any other web browsers installed (for example, Firefox). Disable all browsers and continue from step 6.

Do you have an issue not listed here? Email to get further assistance. Please provide what type of device you have (iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy 8, etc.), your operating system version number (e.g., iOS 11.1, Android version 7.1, etc.) and a brief description of your problem.