Community Guidelines

The MagnusCards Community

The MagnusCards community learns, plays, and grows together. There are three ways to take part:
Create Private Card Decks: Build a personal collection of Card Decks that are only accessible to you.
Create Public Card Decks: Create and share Card Decks with the MagnusCards community. Public Card Decks are accessible to all MagnusCards members and the creator’s username and country will be also be displayed. All public Card Decks must be approved by the administrator.
Collect Card Decks: Build a personal collection of Card Decks that fit your unique needs and learn to complete the activities in real life.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making your safety, privacy, and confidentiality our top priority:

Your private information will never be sold, shared, or rented to any third party. We will only use your email address to provide you with updates about MagnusCards and other Magnusmode news.
When using MagnusCards, rest assured that the information you share will not contain any personal identifiers, which is why you get to choose a unique username!
While we cannot guarantee it, we try our best to keep MagnusCards safe from spam and viruses. We will continuously review and update our system to ensure the best possible security for your information.

Members Commitment

The MagnusCards community is one that is accepting of all, and where all members should feel safe to share and learn with one another. We ask that all members adhere to the following guidelines:
Avoid any sort of bullying and avoid posting any content which may be offensive to others.
Avoid selling or marketing of products and spam.
When you create an account, provide your real name and information.
Avoid posting personal information (i.e. telephone numbers, addresses) publicly.