Autism Ontario & MagnusCards ROM Event

Posted on February 9, 2018
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Troy using MagnusCards to explore the Dinosaur Tour at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

MagnusCards supports autism-friendly trip to the ROM


On Sunday March 4th 2018, Autism Ontario and Magnusmode will be hosting a special event at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Using Magnusmode’s mobile app, MagnusCards, visitors with autism and their families/caregivers will have the opportunity to use the app (before their visit and during) to support a stress-free visit and more independent, confident navigation of the ROM.

During the event, families will have the opportunity to trial the app, interact with Autism Ontario and Magnusmode team members, and discover the many ways MagnusCards and the ROM are supporting guests with autism and other cognitive special needs. After the event, families will have the tools and knowledge to return to the ROM on their own, and continue enjoying the wide range of nature, art and cultural exhibits in a guided and stress-free experience!

The ROM has partnered with MagnusCards to create two Card Deck guides: ‘Going to the ROM’ and ‘Dinosaur Tour’. These guides feature step-by-step instructions with pictures, audio and text to help visitors learn new skills for navigating the ROM Experience. Research done by Wilfrid Laurier University found that 67% of participants found MagnusCards to have a positive impact on their or their child’s experience, with parents “excited by the prospect of independent living activities for their child”. Results from the study also suggested that the Card Decks would be doubly effective when used as a pre-visit guide to help prepare individuals with autism for their visit and alleviate anxieties.

So, before attending the event, be sure to download MagnusCards for free in the AppStore or GooglePlay and review the ROM Card Decks. The Card Decks will prepare visitors and familiarize them with the environment beforehand, and help them navigate the ROM’s exhibits with more independence and confidence.


We look forward to seeing you there!

The Magnusmode team

Update: The event has already filled to capacity! Stay tuned to hear more about how MagnusCards supports Autism Ontario members at the ROM and catch future Autism Ontario/Magnusmode events coming soon! Announcements are regularly posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Download MagnusCards: AppStore or GooglePlay

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